Family and Consumer Sciences Goal

The goal of the Family & Consumer Sciences Program is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families. We address the challenges of critical issues affecting people's daily lives in a changing environment. Programs focus on economic, social and physical well-being of our clients. We strengthen personal and family relationships, encourage healthful choices, and identify resources to extend income.


Gwenda Lynn Huff Johnson

Family and Consumer Sciences Agent
Elliott County Extension Office

Email: Gwenda Lynn Huff Johnson

We will check your gauge pressure canners. We don't check weighted canners. Unless something happens to the weight such as a crack or a chip, they should be fine. Pressure gauges can go bad. Getting them checked once a year is good. All you have to bring in is the lid.  There is no charge for getting them checked at the office. Please make an appointment.


Good Habits for a lifetime

Three-month program beginning June 7, 2018 – August 30, 2018

Deadline for registration is June 1, 2018 by calling 606-738-6400 or 6440


Forever Fit is about exercise and eating for better health. It’s based on point system and is limited to 40 people 18 years old and older. The goal is to earn 1000 points – It is possible to score more than 1000 if you are an over achiever.

How to get points: (because this is a new program, tweaks are possible)

  •  Attend orientation and choose Plate It Up Recipes to prepare at home and for events  --5 points

  •  Bring prepared Plate it up recipes to a Plate It Up Picnic at the Farmers’ Market Shelter (family  event) – 5 points for each prepared recipe

  •  Prepare Plate it up recipes at home and serve to your family – 5 points per recipe limited to two recipes per week. Must document with pictures on Fit for Life Facebook page and a description in your journal.

  •   Attend extension nutrition education programs – 5 per session – six or more sessions will be offered

  •  Attendance and active participation at meetings of the participants – 5 per meeting

  •   Use Isonville and Sandy Hook Elementary Gyms, Sidewalks in town, Fit trail at Extension Office – 5 points per 15-minute workout. Limit 30 minutes per session or 10 points

  •  Walk on trails at Culture Center - 5 points for each 30-minute walk up to five per week.

  •   Exercise at home – 5 points per 30 minutes must document on Fit for Life Facebook page and describe your activity in your journal.

  •  Recruit other people to become active and eat healthier – 5 points per person up to 5 people

  •   Weight loss – 1 point per pound

  •   Everyone who reaches the goal of exercising 30 minutes per day 5 days a week  will receive 100 points (a one time bonus)

  •  Exercise can be divided into two 15 minute sessions per day


  • Participants must prove what they have done by posting pictures or information on closed Facebook page. Everyone is encouraged to keep a journal (provided) throughout the program. The journals will be used for evaluation.
  • Prizes given every two weeks. Everyone who has reached at least 100 points since last meeting will be entered for the drawing
  • Must be present to win a prize
  • Last and Largest prizes awarded from drawing of everyone who completes 1000 points
  • In addition to the points and major prizes, gifts of gratitude will be given for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables at the Farmers’ Market
  • Everyone who finishes the program will receive coupons to the Elliott County Farmers’ Market
  • Prizes will consist of small kitchen appliances and a few other items.