The Elliott County 4-H Shooting Sports Program participated as (cross county) with the Morgan County 4-H Shooting Sports Program from 2000-2015. During the 2014 Shooting Sports Program year the clubs dispersed and Elliott County started their own program in the fall of 2015. During the 2015 program year the club consisted of seven certified coaches and 31 youth. During the 2016 program year the Elliott County Shooting Sports program developed by-laws for the adult council and has since developed a 4-H Shooting Sports youth club. The by-laws were written to give full authority to the youth members in every aspect of the club except where financial decisions are considered.  On June 3rd, 2017 the Elliott County 4-H Shooting Sports Program held their second annual 4-H Shoot at the Elliott County Cooperative Extension Office that consisted of 168 youth from 10 counties that participated in 237 events! The Elliott County shooting sports program involves 35 youth ages 9-18 (4-H age), 2 clover buds (age 5-8), six certified coaches, two teen certified coaches and eight volunteer coaches. Coaches are certified in Range Safety Officer’s (RSO), National Certified Rifle Instructor, trap, .22 rifle, black powder, pistol, and archery. From April 5-8, 2017 nine youth, District 1 Teen Ambassador (Timothy Gillum), Teen Rifle Range Coach (Katie Moore), two adult volunteers (Jeff Barker and Kim Horton) and ANR agent (Keith Center) attended 4-H Shooting Sports Camp in Jabez, KY and had the second largest camping group in the state!! The program currently has one volunteer who represents the state as a rifle instructor (Kim Horton) and one youth that represents District 1 as a Kentucky 4-H Shooting Sports Teen Ambassador (Timothy Gillum). During the 2017 program year ANR agent (Keith Center) worked with the Adult 4-H Shooting Sports Teen Council to apply for a grant through the NRA Foundation for supplies and the grant was rewarded on April 7th, 2017! The grant included the following: Remington model 870 20 gauge, Crickett .22 rifle, Smith & Wesson .22 pistol, Savage over under 12 gauge, Remington 11-87 20 gauge, two Ruger .22 rifles, 2,500 Winchester 12 gauge shells, 1,250 Winchester 20 gauge shells and H&H medical adult trauma response kit that totaled $3,406.79. In early March the 4-H Shooting Sports program suffered the loss of a trap machine. From March thru April the youth did numerous fundraisers that included: Pampered Chef, RADA Cutlery, Scentsy and private donations from parents and community businesses.  On April 29th, 2017 the club purchased a new ATA-280 Trap Machine from GP Traps that valued over $4,700.00 but was sold to the Elliott County 4-H Shooting Sports youth at a discounted price of $2,950.00 delivered. The program is not just about learning to shoot, it's about learning discipline, respect, team work and an appreciation on firearms and bows and arrows. With the primary focus on safety and youth development. During the 2018 program year the club looks to not only expand on the number of youth enrolled, but also adding .22 pistol and air pistol to the program. Due to the anticipated growth, the program is anticipating to send 2 teens and 1 adult volunteer to Jabez for Certification training in the fall of 2017